Coconut Milk Sauce Adds Special Delight to Fish Dishes

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As in most cultures, holidays are celebrated with food — and Colombia is no different. There are numerous national holidays celebrated in the country and many religious holidays are celebrated as national holidays. Important church holidays include the Epiphany (January 6th); Holy Week, which includes Easter (March or April); All Saints Day (November 1st); the Immaculate Conception (December 8th); and Christmas (December 25th). Colombia also celebrates the feast days of various saints on both a national and a local level, direct tv new haven, and you can bet food takes center stage at these festivities. Other important national holidays are (more…)

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Regional Dishes from Colombia Differ in Flavor and Texture

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Colombian dishes offer not only culinary satisfaction, but also a cultural experience. Any Colombian foodie knows that observing the vast colors and textures will provide aesthetic delight. You’ll often smell the richly flavorful combination of cilantro, aji peppers, tomatoes, onions, jalapeos, and more. For those that seek a spicy, savory meal, Colombian food is ideal.
Many Colombian dishes focus on cheese, more specifically queso blanco, that contributes to the creamy, savory texture found in any traditional Colombian dish. Some of (more…)

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Changua-A Colombian Breakfast Delight for Americans too

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Changua is the ultimate comfort food. What else can one call a soup that’s made out of milk and eggs? Changua is one of the national dishes of Colombia and is very easy to make. The cook simply adds two cups of milk to two cups of water in a saucepan and brings them to a boil. When the milk and water are boiling, four eggs are cracked and slipped into the milk and water mixture. The cook must be careful not (more…)

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Arepa and Sancocho-National Specialties of Colombia

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Colombia is home to a wide variety of dishes that tempt locals and visitors alike with their wonderful tastes and ingredients. Two of the most beloved National Specialties of Columbia though are Arepa and Sancocho.

Arepa are made from ground corn or cooked flour. They are similar to pancakes in that they are flat and round. Cooking methods for Arepa vary widely as they can be baked, boiled, grilled or even fried. Arepa are stuffed or topped after being cooked, but (more…)

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Blending of European Cuisine with Colombian Cuisine

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The Colombian cuisine in the United States consists of a blending of European cuisine with Colombian cuisine. Moreover, the ingredients in Colombian recipes are often described as a mixture of European cooking with expressions of African and aboriginal cuisine. There are a huge variety of recipes in America that include a combination of European and Columbian foods.

Some of the most distinctive food dishes found in the country of Colombia are comprised of seafood, pork, beef, beans, chicken, rice, potatoes, avocados, beer, (more…)

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The Many Seasonings of Spicy Colombian Cooking

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Spices are very prominent Colombian cuisine with just about every dish highlighted by mild heat. Some of the main seasonings used are:

These are ground seeds from an Annatto bush. Usually found in powder or paste form. Deep red-orange color and used mostly for coloring. Has a subtle pepper flavor.

“Jamaican pepper,” has a spicy sweet flavor like cinnamon or cloves. It is a key ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes.

Chili Peppers
Chilies are (more…)

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Colombian Appetizers for the Discerning Palate

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Whether you are enjoying the shopping and culture sights of Bogot, the nightlife of Cartagena or exploring the Choco region, you must experience the mouth-watering cuisine of Colombia.

Many of Colombia’s appetizers are simply delectable. You can find fried green plantains, tomato and avocado salad, roasted cassava, endive and herbed cream cheese and caramelized apples or perhaps you might like the bean and roasted pepper crostini or maybe the Ciruelas con Tocineta (Prunes Wrapped with Bacon). Whatever your tastes may be you will (more…)

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No-Cook Cuban Dishes for Summer

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It’s summertime and if new york energy rates are keeping from using your kitchen as often as you’d like, think about making one of these great no-cook dishes from the Cuban culture…
Guava Marmalade – If you’ve got access to fresh Guava, use it to make marmalade! Only requiring sugar and fruit, this easy spread goes great on everything from toast to ice cream.
Gazpacho – This cold soup is as easy as it comes – simply process tons of Cuban vegetables and some liquid together until you’ve got (more…)

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Coconut Rice Dishes You Can Make Too

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Add a South American flair to your dinner table by introducing authentic Colombian coconut and rice dishes.
Traditionally prepared from fresh coconuts, or use coconut milk available in your local grocery store, coconut and rice has may variations and is a staple of Columbian cuisine that is both delicious and satisfying.

Simple Coconut Rice Recipe

One coconut plus 4 cups water
2 cups long grain rice (white or brown)
1-tablespoon sugar
1-teaspoon salt
1-tablespoon cooking oil

Open the coconut and set aside coconut water. (more…)

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Tropical Fruits of Colombia used in Colombian Cuisine

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The tropical fruits of Colombia used in Colombian cuisine include papaya, avocado, plaintains, zapote, nispero, passion fruit, borojo, mamoncillo, carambola (starfruit), Kiwano melons, pepino melons, lulo, uchuva, guava, mango, and guananbana. They can be found growing all over South America and Colombia. In Colombia, fruit is consumed for breakfast, in refreshing drinks, alcoholic drinks, cooked in main courses, used as a garnish, and enjoyed as a dessert or snack.
Stuffed papaya filled with shrimp; papaya salsa and chutney; green papaya pickle; (more…)

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